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Also, learn about Connecticut health insurance laws and regulations along with the public health programs for Connecticut residents.

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Health Insurance Laws and Regulations in Connecticut

Public Health Insurance Programs for Connecticut Residents

Connecticut Health Insurance High Risk Pools

Connecticut Health Insurance Companies

Contact Info for the Connecticut Insurance Department and Department of Public Health and Environment

Connecticut Health Insurance Stats

Connecticut Residents: 3,529,000
Median Annual Household Income: $67,165
Connecticut Health Care Expenditures (in millions): $30,416
Households with at least 1 full time worker: 1,720,100
Connecticut Health Insurance Coverage based on Total Population (%):

  • Employer: 59%
  • Individual: 5%
  • Medicaid: 13%
  • Medicare: 13%
  • Uninsured: 10%
Avg. Annual Employee Premium in Connecticut employer-sponsored plan (after employer contrib.): $1,202
Avg. Monthly Connecticut Individual Premiums: $306
Total Connecticut HMO Enrollment: 786,945

Connecticut Health Insurance Laws and Regulations

There are a few different Connecticut health insurance laws protecting residents as they search for a plan.

Connecticut health insurance plans must cover certain medical services under the state's law. Those services include:

  • Testing, treatment, other diabetes related care
  • Screening for breast, colorectal, and prostate cancer
  • Hearing aids for children
  • Children's vaccinations

Connecticut health insurance law also requires that mental health conditions are treated the same as physical conditions, known as "mental health parity." Insurance companies must set coverage maximums and limits for mental health conditions equal to physical conditions.

Connecticut health insurance companies are allowed to offer coverage based on health history or pre-existing health conditions. Some Connecticut residents who are turned down for a plan are eligible for coverage through the state's high risk pool, the Connecticut Health Reinsurance Association.

Residents also are protected by the federal insurance laws COBRA and HIPAA.

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Connecticut Public Health Insurance Programs

There are a few different public Connecticut health insurance programs to provide assistance for low-income residents:

  • Medicaid
    This state and federally funded program offers some low-income Connecticut residents with health insurance coverage. The Connecticut Medicaid program is available for individuals, families, children, and disabled citizens.

  • Healthcare For Uninsured Kids and Youth (HUSKY)
    The HUSKY program is designed to provide health insurance for low-income children under the age of 19 and pregnant women who are uninsured. To get more information on the Connecticut health insurance program, HUSKY, visit

  • Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program
    This program provides screening for breast and cervical cancer for low-income women. If diagnosed with one of these cancers, women can get full health care coverage through Medicaid. For more info, visit the program's website.

  • Connecticut Medicare
    Seniors can get Connecticut health insurance coverage through Medicare Advantage, Supplement and Original Medicare.

To learn more about Connecticut health insurance programs, visit the state's Department of Social Services online.

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Connecticut Health Insurance High Risk Pools

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act established high risk pools to provide health insurance for people with pre-existing conditions.

The Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP) in Connecticut will require enrollees to pay monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs similar to regular Connecticut health insurance plans.

Connecticut residents with PCIP will pay around the same amount that people without pre-existing conditions pay for health insurance. The deductible for medical services in Connecticut will be $1,250 with a $250 drug deductible. The out-of-pocket limit for the plan is $4,250 for in network services and $15,000 for out-of-network services.

Enrollees for the Connecticut PCIP will have coverage for prescription drugs, hospital and physician visits, emergency services and more.

Individuals are eligible for the PCIP if they are a United States citizen, have a pre-existing condition and have been without health insurance for six months.

For more information on the Connecticut health insurance high risk pools visit

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The following list of companies offer Connecticut health insurance plans:

Aetna Health Insurance

Aetna is one of the largest health insurance providers in America with more than 30 million members. Their network includes over 787,000 health care professionals.

Get Aetna Health Insurance in Connecticut

AetnaAARP Health Insurance

Aetna covers more than 30 million members and is one of the largest health insurance companies in the country. Policyholders have access to over 787,000 doctors, hospitals and other health care providers.

Get AetnaAARP Health Insurance in Connecticut

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Connecticut Health Insurance

Anthem is one of the biggest names in health insurance - providing Connecticut residents with affordable health plan options and access to high-quality health care.

Get Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Connecticut Health Insurance in Connecticut

Assurant Health Health Insurance

Assurant Health, headquartered in Milwaukee, has been offering quality insurance products and coverage to over 1 million members since 1982. Assurant is committed to providing health insurance plans that have broad coverage while providing valuable protection.

Get Assurant Health Health Insurance in Connecticut

Celtic Health Insurance

Celtic concentrates on individual health insurance, offering a wide variety of plans for both individuals and families.

Get Celtic Health Insurance in Connecticut

Cigna Health Insurance

CIGNA is one of the oldest insurance companies in America, providing health insurance and other coverage solutions to millions of consumers around the country.

Get Cigna Health Insurance in Connecticut

ConnectiCare Health Insurance

ConnectiCare has been providing health insurance to over 240,000 individuals in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts since 1981.

Get ConnectiCare Health Insurance in Connecticut

John Alden Health Insurance

John Alden Life Insurance has been selling health coverage throughout America since 1961. Today, they are part of Assurant. John Alden plans include individual health and small group coverage. They also sell Health Savings Account plans.

Get John Alden Health Insurance in Connecticut

Time Insurance Health Insurance

Today, Time Insurance is known as Assurant Health with insurance coverage for individuals, students, families, seniors, and businesses.

Get Time Insurance Health Insurance in Connecticut

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Connecticut Insurance Department and Department of Public Health and Environment

Find the contact information for the Connecticut health insurance and public health departments at:

Connecticut Insurance Department
Consumer Affairs Division
PO Box 816
Hartford, CT 06142-0816
Phone: (860) 297-3900

Connecticut Department of Public Health
410 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT 06134
Phone: (860) 509-8000br />

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