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Your health insurance deadline is today

by Brooke Jarchow Today is January 31, marking the deadline to enroll in health insurance coverage for 2017. If you choose not to enroll in a health care plan today, you will not be able to enroll until the next Open Enrollment Period unless you have a Qualifying Life Event before then. If you have […]

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National Immunization Awareness Month: Vaccinations and your health

by Lauren Mandel and Adam Tock It’s no secret that, over the past few months, immunization has been a regular news topic. First came the measles outbreak in California this past winter, which was later linked to Disneyland. Then just a few weeks ago, the U.S. experienced its first confirmed measles death in over 12 […]

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Five Life Events that Let You Buy Obamacare After The Deadline

If you missed the deadline to purchase Obamacare, you may have another chance. It all depends on your situation. The health care law outlines “qualifying life events” which are life changes that make a person eligible for a special enrollment period to obtain major medical health insurance. Here are the qualifying life events that could […]

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Procrastinators Be Warned: March is Your Last Chance to Buy Health Insurance

Thinking of waiting until next month to sign up for health insurance? Think again. Your opportunity to buy coverage that is in compliance with the Affordable Care Act ends on March 31. That’s just days away! If you haven’t heard, the health care reform law established a time frame for Americans to purchase health insurance. […]

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Unemployed? Think Twice Before Locking into COBRA

With health insurance marketplaces opening less than a month from now, individuals and families can look forward to new coverage options, all in one place. This is particularly good news for those who may have been recently unemployed or laid off and lacking health insurance. The current route taken by many individuals upon unemployment is […]

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What To Do If Your Employer Drops Spousal Coverage?

Although not required by law, many employer-sponsored health plans might offer spousal or dependent coverage as an added benefit to workers. However, due to the anticipated rising health insurance costs, several companies have announced they are dropping spousal coverage for employees. A survey by global professional services company Towers Watson reports that, “while surcharges for […]

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Health Care Reform Vows: A Look Back

Years after the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed we take a look at some of the promised benefits. 1.       Premiums will decrease by $2,500 a year for the typical family. Obama frequently used the $2,500 figure during his campaign and just as many questioned the amount then — it still receives a skeptical reaction […]

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Public Employees Asked to Accept Cheaper Health Benefits to Avoid High Tax

The pressure is on for municipal unions across the country to accept cheaper health benefits in order to avoid a provision of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that will tax expensive health plans in 2018. Government administrations warn unions that if they cannot figure out how to rein in health care costs now, the price […]

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Obamacare Employer Mandate Delay Will Cost $10 Billion

When the White House delayed the employer insurance mandate until 2015, citing the reason as a way to lessen the financial burden on the business sector. In doing so, it now seems that burden has been shifted back to the federal government. According to a report from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) the delay […]

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What the Delayed Employer Mandate Means for Workers

It was earlier this month that the Obama administration surprised the nation by announcing a delay in the ‘employer mandate’ provision of the health law, which requires businesses to provide insurance to workers. Companies now have until 2015 to comply with the mandate. The provision specifically requires that businesses with 50 or more workers provide […]

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