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Obamacare Employer Mandate Delay Will Cost $10 Billion

When the White House delayed the employer insurance mandate until 2015, citing the reason as a way to lessen the financial burden on the business sector. In doing so, it now seems that burden has been shifted back to the federal government. According to a report from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) the delay […]

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What the Delayed Employer Mandate Means for Workers

It was earlier this month that the Obama administration surprised the nation by announcing a delay in the ‘employer mandate’ provision of the health law, which requires businesses to provide insurance to workers. Companies now have until 2015 to comply with the mandate. The provision specifically requires that businesses with 50 or more workers provide […]

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Insurers Gear Up to Sell Health Insurance Despite Challenges

While many Americans and health care experts prepare for the opening of health insurance marketplaces this fall, advertisers are looking at the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in a different way. A vital factor in the success and implementation of the ACA depends on the ability to educate consumers of important deadlines, requirements and penalties. Over […]

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More Delays for Health Care Reform

The Obama administration rolled out more delays for health care reform this past week, in addition to pushing back the employer mandate deadline which requires that employers offer insurance to workers. Health care reform is slated to begin offering coverage through state and federal online health marketplaces on October 1, 2013. Consumers with incomes ranging […]

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White House Delays Key Provision of Health Care Reform

In a setback for President Obama, the White House announced yesterday its decision to delay the health care rule requiring businesses to provide insurance to workers. This decision comes at a critical point in the Administration’s overhaul of health care in the nation. The Employer Mandate Also referred to as the ‘employer mandate,’ this specific […]

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End of DOMA Means Health Care Savings

In a landmark win for the gay rights movement, the Supreme Court ruled the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, citing that it violates the Fifth Amendment right to equal liberty. Finally, same-sex couples can expect long-awaited benefits. DOMA formerly denied more than 1,000 federal benefits to same-sex married couples, perhaps most importantly those related to […]

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How the ACA Affects Employer Decisions about Health Care

Enrollment in health insurance exchanges opens this October and consumers aren’t the only ones that need to be ready and up to date on the latest health law. Many implications of the Affordable Care Act will affect employers as well. To ensure that employers continue providing some degree of affordable and adequate health coverage to […]

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The Cost of Employee Health Insurance for a Family of Four

Just how much is the consumer responsible for paying when it comes to employer-based health insurance?  In a 2013 report, employee benefit and healthcare consultant Milliman highlighted key findings related to rising healthcare costs for a typical American family of four. The Milliman Medical Index (MMI) shows that the total cost of health insurance for […]

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How Large Businesses are Cutting Health Care Costs

Working for a big company has its perks. They tend to have higher compensation packages, more funds and resources, and typically generous health benefits. While many employees of large businesses have been enjoying a range of health insurance benefits at low out-of-pocket costs, more and more companies are switching up their offerings. In its annual […]

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Self-Insuring: the New Loophole for Small Business?

Many businesses, typically larger employers, make the choice to ‘self-insure’ in order to cut health care costs. A self-insured group health plan is one in which the employer directly assumes all costs of providing health care benefits to its employees. Instead of paying a fixed-premium amount to a carrier, employers will pay out of pocket […]

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