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Do you have an extra $695?

by Lauren Mandel If a friend or family member asked you for a loan of $695, would you able to lend it to them? Or if you faced a life-threatening injury, would you have $695 to pay for the necessary medical services? Most people would probably answer no to the above questions. So why would […]

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Edusure gives students power of choice with their health insurance

by Terry Lyons When the Affordable Care Act came into effect just a few years ago, many colleges and universities realized they could not afford to sponsor student health insurance. Academic HealthPlans saw this as an opportunity. “The Affordable Care Act put more pressure on students and schools to recommend ways for students to access […]

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4 tips for stress-free health insurance shopping

by Lauren Mandel Although we’re entering the third year of Open Enrollment under the Affordable Care Act, for many Americans, shopping for health insurance is as confusing as ever. We’ve outlined four factors you may not have considered to help you have a stress-free health insurance shopping experience. Shop smart. If you’ll be heading to the […]

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How the Affordable Care Act is helping Millennials

by Lauren Mandel

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Obamacare Tax Credits: How you could save more money on coverage

by Lauren Mandel We’ve looked at Obamacare tax credit eligibility in the past, noting that anyone making between 100 and 400 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL) could qualify for tax credits to lower the cost of their monthly premiums. Last year, 84 percent of enrollees took advantage of these cost-savings. As with many […]

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eBook: Your 2016 Health Insurance Shopping Guide

by Lauren Mandel and Leon Macapagal As Open Enrollment gets closer, do you ever wish there was a comprehensive guide to enrolling in the right health insurance plan? One that outlines all the important Obamacare information, including what’s different for the upcoming year compared to past enrollment periods? What about all the ways to enroll […]

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The decreasing uninsured rate in the United States

by Lauren Mandel Share this Infographic On Your Site Share this Infographic On Your Site

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4 changes to this year’s Open Enrollment

by Lauren Mandel and Elizabeth Fay Obamacare Open Enrollment for individuals starts on November 1. You’ve browsed around for a new plan, discussed your budget with your family, and know you’ll feel prepared to enroll in the right coverage by the time that date arrives. But as we enter the third year of Open Enrollment […]

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3 Open Enrollment dates you need to know

by Lauren Mandel  You may have heard Open Enrollment begins sometime this fall, but what are the exact dates? What is the time period you need to know to ensure you get the coverage you need on time? We outlined when the time period begins in November and ends at the beginning of next year […]

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GoHealth Access: The health care tool you need now

by Lauren Mandel and Adam Tock This year’s Open Enrollment begins on November 1, and although you’re planning to find a new health insurance plan, you may still find yourself wondering how you move forward once your enrollment is complete. How will you actually use the plan you find? And how can you save even more money on health care? GoHealth […]

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