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More Democrat Senators Call to Extend Health Law

Nine Democratic senators have joined the efforts to extend the Obamacare open enrollment period past its intended closing date of March 31st. The reason? Given the flaws in the rollout of the federally-run, some lawmakers believe Americans should have more time to enroll. Additionally, any penalties for not having coverage should also be waived [...]

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ACA Approval Rating Rises Among Americans

Despite the political battles over health reform, recent polls are showing that the public approval rating of President Obama’s signature “Affordable Care Act” has actually risen. Highly publicized technical glitches have tarnished the rollout of the online government health exchanges since October 1 but a Gallup poll conducted October 18-20, just a few days after [...]

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Obama Addresses Exchange Frustrations, Promises Improvement

Just earlier this morning, President Barack Obama spoke to the nation, addressing the recent challenges encountered during the federal health exchange rollout. In the near-month that exchanges have been up and running, many consumers shopping for coverage under the federal website have experienced technical complications such as error messages, page delays, frozen screens and [...]

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Obamacare Efforts Ramp Up to Serve Customers

The health exchange has become quite the star studded affair, with famous names from Lady Gaga to Britney Spears urging consumers to ‘Get Covered’ through social media platforms Twitter and Instagram. Even as the list of spokesmen grows, many consumers still show uncertainty towards the health insurance marketplaces. Some states like California have been aggressively [...]

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What Does the Government Shutdown Mean for Obamacare?

Unable to come to a funding agreement last night, the U.S. government shut down shortly after midnight. This is the first federal government shutdown to happen in 17 years. The shutdown comes from a stalemate between Democrats and Republicans voting on a spending plan that includes provisions on the President’s signature Affordable Care Act. This [...]

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Officials Warn Consumers to Beware Medicare Mix-up This Fall

As if educating millions of individuals on impending health insurance changes due this fall was not challenging enough, federal officials also worry about the effects these changes will have on the Medicare eligible population. This population is often more vulnerable to scams or being taken advantage of and could be left confused about the recent [...]

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Unemployed? Think Twice Before Locking into COBRA

With health insurance marketplaces opening less than a month from now, individuals and families can look forward to new coverage options, all in one place. This is particularly good news for those who may have been recently unemployed or laid off and lacking health insurance. The current route taken by many individuals upon unemployment is [...]

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Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan Changes

If you are currently enrolled in a Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP), there are certain changes that could affect your coverage. Originally established under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the PCIP program was created to make health coverage available to people with pre-existing conditions until key components of the health law begin taking [...]

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What Medicare Eligible Consumers Need to Know about Insurance in October

Officials throughout the United States are reminding seniors that they need to remember October 15 for Medicare Open Enrollment and not October 1st. This October is a big month for insurance in the United States. October 1 is the start of registration for individual health insurance through online insurance marketplaces. The registration runs until March [...]

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The Year in Health Care Staffing Trends

Another shift has been taking place in the health care industry and we’re not just talking about the health law. Physicians are now in higher demand as the nation works to increase health care access around the nation, especially to those under-served. A 2013 survey of 3,097 permanent doctor and advanced practitioner job assignments by [...]

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