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Election 2016: Health Care and the Affordable Care Act

by Lauren Mandel and Adam Tock The Republican National Convention came to a close this past week in Cleveland, and the Democratic Party is hosting their own convention this week in Philadelphia. These events are just the beginning of Election 2016 and a long race toward the presidency, and both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump […]

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The truth about Obamacare birth control coverage

by Lauren Mandel In the few years since the Affordable Care Act was signed into law, women who use birth control have saved an average of $255 a year on out-of-pocket costs. This is because now under the ACA, most health insurers must cover some form of contraception. However, until recently, many women were still paying […]

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5 Ways It Pays for Same-Sex Couples to Wed

by Elizabeth Fay In a landmark decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage across the country. The ruling has several monetary implications that can benefit lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender couples that decide to tie the knot. Here are five ways the court’s ruling will level the playing field […]

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King v. Burwell: A note from GoHealth’s co-founders

This morning, the Supreme Court ruled to uphold subsidies for millions of Americans. Below is a statement from GoHealth co-founders, Clint Jones and Brandon Cruz, about the King v. Burwell ruling, the future of the health insurance industry, and their hopes for GoHealth.  In response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision today in the King v. Burwell […]

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King v. Burwell: A GoHealth Recap

A decision is expected this month regarding the Supreme Court case, King v. Burwell. The ruling will decide the fate of more than six million Americans with subsidized health insurance coverage in 34 states. If the Supreme Court sides with the plaintiffs, many of the six million individuals will be searching for new – and […]

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GoHealth Breaks Down Conflicting Rulings on Obamacare Subsidies

Two separate federal appeals court panels made opposite rulings that could potentially impact how much millions of people pay for health insurance. Details on the Decisions States can decide whether to use the federal government’s marketplace ( to help people shop for health insurance, or create their own online insurance exchange. On Tuesday, the panel […]

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I Missed the Obamacare Deadline, Now What?

Health insurance enrollments surged over the past few months as millions of Americans sought affordable coverage before the end of the first open enrollment under the Affordable Care Act. Now, virtually all Americans are required by law to have enrolled in a major medical health insurance plan. If you’re just realizing this now, don’t panic. […]

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Is Health Care Reform One Giant Leap for Womankind?

Most recently, Queen B herself contributed an essay for “The Shriver Report” in which she urged women and men alike to demand equal opportunities for equal pay and respect. While we are living through the most significant health care reform in American history, women are slowing moving towards that one giant leap for womankind. American […]

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“How Health Care Reform Benefits LGBT Americans”

For many years, the LGBT community has experienced disparities in the health system as they have been denied the same rights as heterosexual Americans, have been found to have a high percentage of preexisting medical conditions and have experienced difficulty finding affordable health insurance.  Now members of the LGBT community can have a sense of […]

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US Labor Secretary Visits GoHealth

US Labor Secretary Tom Perez visited Chicago-based GoHealth to learn about the company’s recent growth and partnership with Skills for Chicagoland’s Future (SCF). In 2013, GoHealth hired more than 650 new employees. Approximately 150 of those employees were hired through a partnership with SCF, which helps train and place unemployed Chicagoans in jobs with growing […]

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