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An interview with GoHealth CTO, Shane Cruz

by Elizabeth Fay Shane Cruz is the Chief Technology Officer at GoHealth, an MIT grad, and the President of the Association of Web-Based Health Insurance Brokers. He joined GoHealth in 2004, and helped develop technology that tens of millions of health insurance shoppers use each year. Here’s his take on GoHealth and working in Chicago’s thriving tech […]

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6 Health Tips for the Fourth of July

by Lauren Mandel The Fourth of July is just around the corner, and it’s a holiday that just screams summer: backyard grilling, long days by the lake, festive parades, and of course, fireworks. It can be easy to get caught up in the celebrations and forget how to stay safe. Between long hours outside and […]

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3 fitness trackers for a healthy lifestyle

Over the past few years, it seems the most popular fashion accessory has become a fitness tracker. With sleek and attractive designs, various brands of fitness trackers are encouraging Americans to track everything about their health, from steps to sleep patterns.  But which one is right for your health and lifestyle? We’ve outlined three different […]

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Curbing Health Care Costs Requires Active Participation From Patients

by Michael Mahoney, SVP Consumer Marketing at GoHealth Rising deductibles and narrow networks will incentivize consumers to take a more active role in deciding how their out of pocket health care dollars are spent – or not spent – during the course of treatment. Asking questions before, during, and after treatment and taking an active […]

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Health Insurance Redefined for Former NFL Players

The National Football League is a 100 percent injury business. Not a single player leaves the NFL uninjured.  Back problems, concussive issues, joint and grip troubles plague our former players. While the average career in the NFL is less than 4 years, injuries stemming from the NFL often have long-term debilitating effects. Depending on when […]

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Chicago Developers Learn Grails Framework at GoHealth-Sponsored Meetup

If there are three things to bring Chicago web developers together, it’s free food, craft beer and technology. Nearly 100 people came out for all three at a GoHealth-sponsored Meetup event through the Chicago Java Users Group. The event showed developers how to get started with Grails framework, an open source web application. The Meetup, which took […]

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GoHealth Breaks Down Conflicting Rulings on Obamacare Subsidies

Two separate federal appeals court panels made opposite rulings that could potentially impact how much millions of people pay for health insurance. Details on the Decisions States can decide whether to use the federal government’s marketplace ( to help people shop for health insurance, or create their own online insurance exchange. On Tuesday, the panel […]

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Your Roadmap to Health Coverage when Expecting a Baby

With a baby on the way, many things are bound to change – your appetite (hello 2 a.m. pickle cravings), your body, and your health coverage needs. In between the food cravings and maternity jeans, you have an important decision to make to protect your family’s well being. It’s time to start shopping for the […]

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Moving Creates a Special Opportunity to Buy Obamacare

So I Made the Move! Nearly 12% of all Americans did this last year and will continue to do it an average of 12 times in their lifetime – moving. There’s a long list of things you need to worry about during a move like finding the best school district for your kids, adjusting to […]

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Womens’ Guide to Staying Healthy After 50

Our bodies continue to change throughout our lifetime, and when women get closer to 50, doctors recommended certain diagnostic and preventative tests to stay healthy. Women, here’s a basic list with how often you should be screened, but be sure to talk to your doctor as everyone’s health history is different: Bone Density/Osteoporosis: Screenings starting at […]

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