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10 Reasons GoHealth Keeps Doing Business in Chicago, Illinois

chicago3CEOs from around the country recently released a report that found Illinois is the third worst state to do business in 2012. Well that’s just not true, at least to GoHealth President Brandon Cruz and CEO Clint Jones. Why? GoHealth has been in Chicago, Illinois for more than 10 years, creating jobs by the minute and exponentially growing as a technology company.

“Chicago is our home and we’re proud to be here,” said GoHealth CEO Clint Jones. “When we started our company more than 10 years ago, we came right to Illinois to build and execute our business plan. Looking at our success now, we’re glad we did.”

“Illinois has been great for GoHealth! Between the beautiful city of Chicago, hard working and down to earth people, reasonable cost of living, and thriving technology scene, we’re thrilled to be here!” said GoHealth President Brandon Cruz.

So why does GoHealth love doing business in Chicago, Illinois?

    1. People. Call it the “Midwest Mentality” or simply hardworking – our employees allow us to be the results driven, goal oriented company that we are today.

    2. The growing tech community. To have a successful tech company, you don’t have to live in California. Chicago has become a place for tech companies to start small and think big.

    3. It’s never boring. Between sports, politics, events and entertainment – there is something that will always pique your interest.

    4. Public transportation. Hate driving? Take the train. Hate the train? Take a bus. Hate all forms of public transportation? Visit the nearest bike shop.

    5. Affordable rent options for businesses. Bootstrapped businesses can find affordable space and still have a Chicago address.

    6. The Sports. Company outing to the Cubs every year? Yes, please. Nothing says “thank you” to employees like showing them a good time.

    7. The lake. Whether you like to swim, walk, run, bike, row, sail or just day drink, the lake provides every Chicago resident an excuse to enjoy, or enjoy looking at, the water.

    8. Food. We love our lunch breaks, our dinners and even breakfast. Endless options from around the globe are around the corner and never in shortage.

    9. Summer. Residents live for it and we make it count. Street fests every weekend, BBQs every day.

    10. Chicago. Yes, it’s true. Without Chicago, reasons one through nine would not exist.

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