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Newest Uninsured Estimate: 89.6 Million

The non-profit organization, Families USA, recently released a report that found there were 89.6 million Americans uninsured during 2006-2007. That"s just about one-third of the entire U.S. population.

The report claims more 63.9% of the uninsured had no coverage for six months or more and 50.2% were uninsured for longer than nine months. The findings on the report were mostly based on data from the Census Bureau.

Some were skeptical when the uninsured number was at 45 million — it"s not likely this report will change their minds. 

It"s hard to think that number isn"t inflated, just based on the data given by the Census Bureau. There are additional factors that contribute to the number such as people who are uninsured for only for a short period of time (say they"re between jobs), non-citizens who are counted as uninsured, and there are many Americans who simply choose not to buy coverage even though they can afford it.

The truth is that there are plenty of uninsured Americans, but is the report saying 89.6 million giving an accurate depiction?

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