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Percentage of Group Health Plans that Cover Specific Medical Services [INFOGRAPHIC]


GoHealth has created an infographic to visually demonstrate the percentage of group health plans that fully cover certain medical services.

The Department of Labor and Department of Health and Human Services recently released a report showing which services are covered by employer-sponsored health insurance plans.

The report highlights that not all group health insurance plans are created equal. Even though an employer provides a health insurance plan for employees – doesn’t mean that all health care services will be included in the plan.

A few services that aren’t fully covered by all group plans include emergency room visits, maternity care, and physical therapy. This is especially important for women who are considering pregnancy in the future. Without maternity care, women won’t receive the prenatal and delivery care they may be expecting.

Consumers, who are not happy with their group plan, can find coverage on the individual health insurance market. But it is still important for consumers to match up benefits and cost to figure out what and how much is covered.

Click below to view the full image.

group health plans cover specific medical services

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