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Six Questions to Ask Your Health Insurance Agent

questionmarkShopping for health insurance can be a complicated process but consumers don’t have to do it all on their own. Licensed agents are the best source of information on what you need to know about a health insurance plan and can highlight specifics of a particular plan or carrier.

Once consumers start comparing plans and understand the basic details about a policy, they should then start referring to an agent.

Questions that consumers may want to ask their agent include:

1. Why should I get health insurance if I’m healthy? If are you unsure about purchasing a health insurance policy talk to an agent about the importance of having a good health insurance policy.

2. What out-of-pocket expenses will I incur for a hospital visit, surgery or doctors visit? Knowing what payments you are responsible for will be extremely helpful when utilizing health care services.

3. Will my family doctor be covered with this health insurance plan? If you have a family or primary care physician that you prefer to visit, make sure that they are covered in the health insurance plan network.

4. What A.M. Best rating does this insurer have? Does the company have a track record of good customer service and processing claims? A.M. is a global agency that rates health insurance companies on their solvency. Health insurers are also graded on how fast they process claims and how correct those claims are. Companies with better ratings may provide a better customer service experience.

5. Does this plan cover maternity, vision and dental coverage? Agents will help you determine what benefits you need and if you should get anything in addition to a health insurance policy.

6. Will prescriptions I’m already taking be covered under a plan? Talk to your agent about any medications that you are currently taking and how much they will cost with a plan.

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