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White House and Medicare Official At Odds Over Health Care Reform Savings

dataA battle that has been brewing for a long time continues as the White House disagrees with the Medicare’s chief actuary over savings from health care reform. Medicare chief actuary Rick Foster has been questioning the savings that the Obama administration has claimed for a long time now. But as Republicans questioned Foster during a hearing, the debate continued to the White House blog.

During the hearing on Wednesday, Representative Tom McClintock asked Foster to respond with a true-or-false response. McClintock asked if reform would bring down medical costs and if people would be able to keep their current health insurance if they like their plans.

When it comes to controlling costs, Foster responded, “I would say false, more so than true.” When responding to the issue if people would be able to keep their health insurance plans if they like their coverage, Foster said, “not true in all cases.”

Many experts believe that reform does little to control health care costs and the promise from the Obama administration to keep your plan if you like it may be a little stretched in some instances. Foster and his office have calculated that up to 7 million Medicare recipients with Medicare Advantage may have to find new coverage over the next few years.

The White House blog provided a letter from 250 economists and budget experts that don’t have the same opinion as Foster. But it’s doubtful that the letter from those economists will have the same influence on Republicans.

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