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Activate your health coverage by paying your premium

by Brooke Jarchow

If you enrolled in health insurance for 2017, make sure to pay your monthly premium in order to activate your coverage for the year.

A premium is a payment to your health insurance provider that is typically charged on a monthly basis. These payments keep your coverage active, similar to paying your electric bill in order to keep your lights on. If you don’t pay your electric bill, you might lose power; if you don’t pay your health insurance premium, your provider may delay or cancel your health coverage plan.

Once you pay your first month’s premium on time, your health insurance coverage will activate. Then, as long as you pay your following premiums on time, your coverage will continue.

Keep in mind that even if you enrolled in an insurance plan through, your premium payments need to be sent directly to your provider. Your provider likely sent instructions for how and when to make your premium payments, so reach out to your provider if you have any questions on paying your first premium.

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