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Automatically re-enrolled in Obamacare? You still have options.

by Lauren Mandel

Were you automatically re-enrolled in your 2015 Obamacare plan for the upcoming year? You’re not alone: An estimated 2.4 million of the 6 million Marketplace consumers who renewed their coverage were automatically re-enrolled in their current plan.confused man

If this happened to you, why did it happen? And can you still change your plan if you’d like to select new coverage?

First things first: If you had a 2015 Marketplace health plan and took no action to choose a new one by December 17, 2015, you were probably automatically re-enrolled in that same plan for the upcoming year.

While this may seem convenient, it could cost you. If you were automatically re-enrolled in your old 2015 plan, you could miss out on bigger savings and new plans that just recently became available. These plans may be more affordable for you, and they could offer better benefits for your needs.

The good news is you still have time to evaluate your options and select a new health plan for 2016. And even if you end up choosing the same plan you had last year, it’s still important to update your personal information to receive an accurate tax credit estimate.

The most important thing to remember is to finalize your coverage by Jan. 31, which is the deadline for this year’s Open Enrollment Period. Visit to finalize your plan choice.

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