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A Change Will Do You Good: When to Switch Health Insurance Plans

redcrossHealth insurance is not like an infomercial crock pot – you can’t just “set it and forget it!” Why is it that as people’s lives and individual needs evolve and change, their health insurance stays the same? The truth is, there are key times in our lives when adjusting your health insurance coverage is a wise move.

    You’re getting hitched

    But, will you be making a commitment to share a health insurance plan? Keep in mind that most plans allow new couples 30 days after they marry to make health insurance decisions. That’s not a great deal of time. Be sure to research whether or not a shared plan is going to be mutually beneficial. You may be happier keeping the separate, individual plan you currently have.

    There’s a bun in the oven

    You need health insurance before you get pregnant! And, you need to make sure that your plan covers all of your important prenatal-related expenses and preferred hospitals.

    You’re graduating college

    We know there is a lot on your mind right now. But – you’re young and can handle one more added pressure, right? If you have coverage under a college or university health plan, it will run out shortly after your graduation. The great news is that you have several health insurance options as a new grad. Check out GoHealth’s

    Student Health Insurance Survival Guide.

    You are getting a little bit older

    If you notice that you are starting to use health care services more then consider changing to a plan with a lower deductible. Also, individuals taking monthly medications may want more coverage for the prescriptions to avoid spending more at the pharmacy.

    According to a recent report, retired adults should plan on saving $240,000 for health care costs after retirement! One excellent way to plan for this is to open a Health Savings Account. These interest-collecting accounts roll over from year to year and your contributions are tax deductible.

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