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Common Complaints about Finding Health Insurance

shoppingcartFinding health insurance can seem like a daunting task and at GoHealth, we try to make the process as simple as possible.

To help consumers through the process of finding coverage, GoHealth is addressing the most common complaints about searching for health insurance.

Health insurance is too complicated and overwhelming. There are many parts to health insurance – deductible, premium, copayment, coinsurance, network, benefits and the list continues. So when you’re reviewing health insurance quotes in the GoHealth Quote Engine, click on the various terms that confuse you to learn more. Also, an agent is no more than a call away or you can use our chat services to talk to an expert about your options.

Health insurance is too expensive. Unfortunately, the cost of individual health insurance is set by law and GoHealth cannot lower the price of health insurance for its consumers. Some states also just have high insurance costs – specifically Massachusetts and New York health insurance costs.

I have to pay one month of premiums up-front and am not sure when I’ll be approved for coverage. Once a consumer chooses a plan, they have to pay the first month’s premium right away, but it is refundable if they aren’t eligible for coverage or choose a different plan. The approval process depends on the health insurance company – it can take just days or an entire month.

I can’t find coverage. With changes in health care reform and existing laws, it can be hard for some individuals to find individual health insurance. This includes women who are pregnant, children who need individual policies, and individuals with pre-existing conditions.

The forms for applying for coverage are too long. No matter where you apply for health insurance, the application will be long. These are required for health insurers to determine the amount of risk a person may be to insure. If you know that you have a pre-existing condition and are likely to get turned down for health insurance, talk to an agent before applying. The agent may be able to help you find a carrier that won’t turn you down coverage based on that condition.

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