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Five Life Events that Let You Buy Obamacare After The Deadline

If you missed the deadline to purchase Obamacare, you may have another chance. It all depends on your situation. The health care law outlines “qualifying life events” which are life changes that make a person eligible for a special enrollment period to obtain major medical health insurance.

Here are the qualifying life events that could allow you to enroll outside of open enrollment:

  1.  Marriage
  2. Birth, adoption, or placement of a child in your household
  3. Permanent relocation to an area offering different plan options
  4. Change in income or household status that affects tax subsidy eligibility or cost-sharing reductions of your qualified health insurance plan
  5. Loss of other health coverage
    Examples include: job loss, divorce, loss of Medicaid or CHIP eligibility, expiration of COBRA coverage, a health plan becoming decertified.

Note: The following are not considered loss of coverage: voluntarily cancellation, termination of a health plan because of missing premium payments, or losing coverage that is not minimum essential coverage.

Special enrollment periods for qualifying life events typically last 60 days from the date of the qualifying event. If you believe you qualify, visit to shop for brand-name quality coverage.


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