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Five Step Roadmap to Filing Health Insurance Claims

ERDid you know that there are certain scenarios in which you (the insured) may be asked to submit your own insurance claim form for medical care? Understandably, this added responsibility on the part of the patient doesn’t excite a lot of people. Filling out paperwork and forms can be a confusing hassle if you are unsure of what you are doing.

Chin up – we have some tips on navigating through filing your health insurance claim.

Step One: Ask for an itemized bill

This document will give a detailed account of all the services provided to you along with a breakdown of what each one costs.

Step Two: Obtain a Claim Form

You’ll need to ask your health insurance company for your claim form. It’s easy – just give your policyholder a call and have them mail it to you or visit their website to download the form. It will ask straight forward questions about the reason for your medical visit and your insurance information. Make sure you attached your itemized bill to this document.

Step Three: Make photo copies

Having copies of the itemized bill and claim form will be your best defense in case errors occur during the claim process.

Step Four: Review

Before sending your finished claim form, go over all the information again for accuracy. Any mistake, big or small, could delay the health insurance claim process.

Step Five: Follow up

Ask your insurance company to tell you how long it is expected to take for the claim to be paid and mark it on your calendar. If the claim has not been processed by the specified date, call your policy holder.

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