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How do I pay my Obamacare premiums?

by Lauren Mandel

If you enrolled in health insurance for 2016, have you paid your first month’s premium? And if not, how do you pay?short term (3)

Let’s start with the basics: What is a premium?

A premium is the amount of money you pay to your health insurance provider every month (sometimes less often) to keep your coverage active. If you don’t pay your premium, your provider may delay or cancel your plan.

It’s important to remember even if you enrolled through a website like, you still must send your premium payments directly to your provider. Follow any instructions you received from your provider about how and when to make these payments.

Once you pay your first month’s premium, your health insurance coverage will activate. Make sure to pay each month’s premium on time after that in order to keep your coverage active. Then you can make doctor appointments, fill prescriptions, and more without worrying that your coverage has been canceled.

Still have questions? You’ll get the fastest answers by contacting your health insurance provider directly, but you can also contact us at GoHealth by calling 888-322-7557.

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