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Moving this summer? You could get new health insurance

by Jenny Fliegel

The average person will move almost 12 times during his or her lifetime. That’s a lot of boxes, a lot of packing tape, and a lot of things to think about during each move. There may be a lot on your mind, but if there’s one thing to prioritize it’s health coverage. Knowing your options when it comes to health insurance will give you peace of mind during a not-so-peaceful time in your life.

Under the Affordable Care Act, moving is considered a Qualifying Life Event, which gives you the opportunity to find health coverage outside of Open Enrollment. If your health coverage is affected by your change in residence, you could qualify for a Special Enrollment Period and be able to enroll in new coverage within 60 days of your move.moving

But how do you know if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period? If you move to a new area that offers different coverage options than your previous ZIP code, you will qualify. This remains true even if your current plan is still offered in your new location. Plans are usually based on region, and your new location may offer health plans with different or more affordable prices.

Some situations that would help you qualify might include moving to a different ZIP code or country, a student moving to or from the place they attended school, a seasonal worker moving to or from the place they lived and worked, moving to or from a shelter or traditional housing, or moving to the United States from a foreign country. Keep in mind that moving solely for a medical treatment or vacation doesn’t qualify you for a Special Enrollment Period.

In order for your move to be recognized as a Qualifying Life Event, you’ll need to provide documentation proof that the event occurred. And be sure to pay attention to the start and end dates of both your old and new plans to avoid a coverage gap or double payments.

GoHealth can help determine your eligibility for a Special Enrollment Period and help you find a health plan for your new location. Compare plans and learn more about the enrollment process at or by calling 888-322-7557 to talk to a GoHealth licensed agent.

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