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How to save more money and get better Obamacare benefits

by Lauren Mandel

Open Enrollment for individual health insurance officially begins today, and while you may think you’re set with your current health plan, we’re here to tell you why it’s important to actively return to shop this year.


We’re now in the fourth year of Open Enrollment, and like any other new law or policy implementation, a lot has been learned over the past four years. Changes have been made with other changes on the way. But one of the most important things for consumers to know throughout this change is that you still have options. And if you keep your current plan without returning to shop, you could be missing out on better and more affordable benefits.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) just released information that shows 2.5 million Americans who currently have individual coverage could be missing out on lower costs. Do you know if you’re eligible for tax credits, which can help lower the cost of your health coverage? Even if you already take advantage of tax credits, bigger savings could be available to you this year. The only way you’ll know if you’re eligible for new or bigger tax credits is to check back in with our licensed agents during Open Enrollment.

You may have read about Obamacare rate increases, and although rates have increased in some parts of the country, millions of Americans can still access affordable coverage. Analysis from HHS also showed that even with a massive 25 percent rate increase, almost 75 percent of Americans would still be able to purchase coverage for $75 a month or less thanks to tax credits.

And what about plan selection and availability? Are you certain you want to keep your same plan from last year? Throughout the year, health care needs of individuals often shift or change. Perhaps you needed specific prescription medications last year that you no longer need for this year. Maybe your current health plan covers you and your children, but moving forward, you only need coverage for yourself. No matter your situation, it’s always important to shop around in order to find the right coverage for your health care needs.

And for those of you who think you don’t need health insurance at all, think again. In the past, we’ve written about the high costs associated with going without health insurance. A health plan might seem expensive to some people, but it can be even more expensive to go without one. If you end up at the emergency room or need last-minute surgery, you’ll also end up with costly medical bills that could have been lessened with the help of health insurance.

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