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Seven Tips to Start Your Morning off Right

Wake up

The blaring alarm, the knee-jerk reaction of hitting your snooze button, being able to find that perfect comfy spot within a nano-second, convincing yourself you really only need 6 minutes to get ready today and hitting snooze a second time – sound familiar?

Getting up in the morning isn’t the easiest thing to do but it can set the tone for the rest of your day. Making small changes to your usual routine can have positive effects on your daily productivity, mood, and overall health.

Check out this list of seven tips to start your morning off right.

Stop the Snoozefest

We understand the temptation, really we do, but hitting the snooze button actually sets you back for the rest of the day. When you hit the snooze button and fall back asleep, you begin a new sleep cycle which you don’t have time to finish. The result? That groggy feeling that can last all day. Avoid this indulgence by putting your alarm a few feet from your bed so, you’re forced to get up and get moving!


So you got your head off the pillow – nicely done! It’s time to wake up your body, which has been in the same position for the last few hours. Stretching in the morning can improve posture, loosen up muscles, increase flexibility, and boost your circulatory system. Start with light, basic stretches like stretching your arms straight above your head, with your palms facing the ceiling – hold for 15 seconds.

Don’t Forget to Breathe

Ever thought about how you’re breathing in the morning? Neither did we until we learned that breathing exercises could help lower blood pressure, improve concentration, and release any anxiety you may have about your day.  Try this quick exercise: Hold your breath and tense your body for three seconds. Then open your mouth and exhale, while releasing all the tension in your body.

Fill Up On H2O

We understand the need for coffee in the morning but drinking water instead has an endless list of benefits. Add a twist by squeezing lemon juice into room temperature water to boost the immune system, cleanse the liver, improve your metabolism, combat bad breath causing bacteria, and alleviate constipation. Plus, you’ll have a head start on the recommended 7-8 daily glasses!

Break Your Fast

Even if you’re not hungry, your brain is! The brain needs glucose from food in order to work well, so don’t skip this important meal even if you’re not feeling hungry. Not only will eating a breakfast leave you feeling more alert, you’re also more likely to make healthy choices throughout the day and less likely to give into cravings. Try high-fiber, low glycemic index breakfast items like oatmeal, egg whites, lean meats, whole-grain toast or bagels.

Put Some Pep In Your Step

Whether it’s Sir Elton John’s ‘The Circle of Life’ from The Lion King or OutKast’s ‘Hey Ya,’ tunes have a long list benefits for our health. Start your morning off with your favorite beats to get you in a good mood that’s likely to persist throughout the day. (Bonus points for adding your own dance move in!)

Be Thankful

Cheesy? Maybe, but we often don’t take out the time to appreciate everything we’ve been blessed with and spend all day working for. So, before you start the hustle we call life; take some time to celebrate your health, loved ones, and well, life!


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