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Short-Term Coverage: What is it, and how do I enroll?


by Brooke Jarchow

If you miss Open Enrollment and do not qualify for a Special Enrollment Period, you still have coverage options. Short-term insurance plans allow you to fill in coverage gaps until the next Open Enrollment Period.  While short-term plan details differ from major medical plans, short-term insurance can still give you health care protection you need.

What is short-term health insurance?

Short-term coverage is a great temporary option to save you money until Open Enrollment begins and you can enroll in a major medical plan. Short-term coverage is available for one to 12 months depending on your insurer and state. You can enroll in short-term health insurance at anytime, regardless of Open Enrollment Periods.

How does short-term health Insurance differ from major medical insurance?

Unlike major medical insurance, short-term plans do not cover pre-existing conditions and have limitations on which doctors you can see, preventive care benefits, and financial assistance. Additionally, even if you have a short-term plan, you will not be exempt from paying the tax penalty for going uninsured.

While a short-term plan may not offer all of the same types of coverage as major medical plans, it is  important that you have some type of health coverage. Without health insurance, an annual physical could cost up to $200. Also, if you should need to go to the hospital, you will likely pay thousands of dollars more if you are uninsured.

How can I enroll in short-term coverage?

Call 888-322-7557 to speak with a licensed agent, who can help you decide what type of coverage is best for you. If that type of coverage is short-term, they can also help enroll you in a plan.

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