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GoHealth’s Student Health Insurance Survival Guide

booksWe know how much college kids are stoked about the topic of health insurance coverage for young adults. It’s all they can ever talk about, right? As the school year comes to an end and graduation day inches closer, GoHealth gets excited and inspired… you guessed it – to talk about health insurance! We just want to fit in with the cool kids.

We put together a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate Student Health Insurance Survival Guide filled with important information that students should really know. Young adults have many health insurance options to choose from, and that’s good news. Choosing between them can be the confusing part.

Below are the different topics our guide explores in detail:

  • New Student Orientation – all the basics about the health insurance options for students
  • Comparing and Contrasting Student Health Insurance Options
  • How Health Care Reform will Affect Student Health Insurance Plans
  • 5 Things Graduating Students Need to Know about Health Insurance After Graduation

To check out our Student Health Insurance Survival Guide in its entirety, click this link:

Student Health Insurance Survival Guide

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