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New Dad and GoHealth Executive’s Tip on Balancing Work and Family

Michael Mahoney and his son Thatcher, 3.

Michael Mahoney and his son Thatcher.

As a business executive and father to a three-month-old son, Michael Mahoney, GoHealth Senior Vice President of Consumer Marketing, manages competing demands from family and work. The first-time dad shares his secret to maintaining success in the office and at home with his son.

I have found that the key to my success as a father and business leader is to make time at the right time – both for family and business. That means not only deciding when to be in or out of the office but also when to be engaged (even remotely) and how to prioritize your time while at work.

Let’s say you have a report due at 6:00PM. Do you understand the core nature of it? Who will use the information and how? If you were tasked with another opportunity or problem instead of the report, would you produce different information?

Thinking this way can lead to a better understanding of the core issues and more impactful work. This means not only getting more done in less time but stepping outside of delegated tasks to tackle bigger opportunities, ones that you would not otherwise be able to solve if you were just focused on what was “assigned” to you.

If you are able to embrace this approach, you’ll be working when the business needs you and with your family when the business does not. By making a concerted effort to be present and engaged in your child’s life, you’re focused on maximizing what matters at work and minimizing what does not. That can have a very positive effect on your business, simply because of the mindset it engenders.

Fortunately, our company praises impact over input, so it’s a lot easier to think and work this way at GoHealth than at a company with a different mentality. -Michael Mahoney, GoHealth Senior Vice President of Consumer Marketing

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Five Superfoods to Supercharge Your Summer

There are some things in this world that continue to remain confusing throughout time – car insurance policies, passport applications, and reverse parallel parking. While some things promise to stay in the deep, dark realm of confusion others don’t have to. Case in point: SUPERFOODS!

What makes superfoods super? In short, superfoods are foods that are especially beneficial to our health. Now while they sound so high and mighty, they’re also incredibly easy to integrate in our everyday life. Check out the list of five superfoods that will supercharge your summer and learn how to incorporate them in your meals.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 3.10.23 PM


Quinoa (Keen-wah)

This gluten-free, protein-packed superfood looks like a grain but its actually a seed. Packed with nutrients that improve metabolism, alleviate migraines and lower cholesterol – quinoa has a deliciously light, nutty flavor. Use it in place of rice for 15% fewer carbs and 60% more protein or add it to a salad to up your fiber intake.


Rich in the “good” fatty acids called Omega 3 – Salmon may help lower the risk of heart disease, depression, dementia and arthritis. Feeling stressed? Salmon helps you stay calm by decreasing your blood pressure. Even better – salmon doesn’t have the usual ‘fishy’ smell that most other fish do, so go ahead and bake, broil, pan sear or grill this flaky fish with your marinade of choice. (Here’s a tip to get more nutritional goodness:  the highest amount of Omega 3 is contained between the skin and fillet, so be sure to eat the it all!)

Dark Chocolate

No need to do a double-take! Chocolate, yes chocolate, is good for you! Here’s the deal, chocolate is made from the cacao – a bean rich in nutrients that are known to fight diseases, improve blood flow to the brain, fight cancer and slow down the signs of aging. Cacao on its own is bitter and not particularly tasty so its usually mixed with milk, honey and sugar which actually dilute the benefits of cacao. The trick to snacking smart with this superfood is eating chocolate in moderation with at least 70% cacao. Fun fact: Dark chocolate contains the same chemical your brain creates when you feel like you’re falling in love. That’s amore!


The hottest vegetable on the streets these days. One cup of this leafy green provides has more vitamin C than an orange, more calcium than milk, and more iron than beef! This antioxidant rich, cancer fighting green can easily mingle with the other greens you regularly use. Kale doesn’t have to be limited to salads. Try baking bite-size pieces, sprinkled with salt in the a 400°F oven for 10 minutes for a crispy, anytime treat.


Number two to strawberries in popularity, brain-boosting blueberries are known to improve brain function and fight the progression of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Some studies even suggest that the super antioxidants contained in blueberries promote the death of cancer cells. Not bad for the smallest berry in the family! Famous blueberry aficionado, Robert Frost, once wrote a poem about the superfruit fittingly titled ‘Blueberries’.



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Womens’ Guide to Staying Healthy After 50

Our bodies continue to change throughout our lifetime, and when women get closer to 50, doctors recommended certain diagnostic and preventative tests to stay healthy. Women, here’s a basic list with how often you should be screened, but be sure to talk to your doctor as everyone’s health history is different:

  • Bone Density/Osteoporosis: Screenings starting at age 65.
  • High Blood Pressure: At least every 2 years.
  • High Blood Cholesterol: Regularly, talk to your doctor.
  • Cervical Cancer/Pap smear: Every 3 years.
  • Colon Cancer(various testing options): Talk to your doctor.
  • Depression: Talk to your doctor if you’re feeling any depression or changes in mood. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health!
  • Mammograms

Mammograms and Breast Health

Starting at 40, doctors recommend never letting a year go by without having a mammogram. Most cases of breast cancer are caught between the ages of 40 and 75 when yearly mammograms are conducted. Screening mammograms are used to check the breast every year, and typically consists of two x-rays for each breast. Diagnostic mammograms are more thorough and are used if you’ve already had breast cancer, have found a lump or if there are any other signs or symptoms of potential breast cancer.

Don’t rely just on mammograms though; every adult woman is encouraged to do a breast self-exam (or BSE) every month. According to the John Hopkins Medical Center, 40% of diagnosed breast cancer comes from women who felt a lump when performing a breast self-exam. It’s very important to remember to check yourself every month!

Start Resistance Training50 plus Woman Fitness

Being physically active is a proven way to boost your mood, improve your energy levels and produce long-term health benefits. Fitness experts highlight the importance of resistance exercises with age, in order to build bone density and protect against osteoporosis. According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, one out of every two women over 50 will break a bone due to osteoporosis.

If you are unsure about how to start resistance training, consider joining a gym with free group strength training classes where you can receive professional guidance. For other ways to ease into exercise, take a look at our earlier post about exercise for beginners.

Brain Games

It’s important to exercise both your body and mind. Lumosity is a pretty neat way to keep your mind sharp, no matter your age or gender! You can train your mind with scientifically designed games that are easy to play whenever you have a few minutes throughout your day. You can subscribe and play on your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Staying healthy becomes more challenging with age, but medical screenings and exercising your body and mind can help keep your health in check long into your golden years.

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Exercise for Beginners

Exercise for Beginners   Hippocrates, an ancient Greek physician, once said, “If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.” Thousands of years later, modern science and doctors would agree: Exercise is essential to our mental and physical health! The CDC recommends at least 150 minutes of aerobic activity and two days of muscle-training activity every week for adults aged 18-64 years. Exercise helps us keep inScreen Shot 2014-05-16 at 2.33.54 PM shape, have more energy, sleep better, improve our mood, and, maybe most importantly, helps prevent illness and disease. If you’re new to exercise, or don’t know where to start, here are a few ideas for beginners looking to incorporate more physical activity into their daily lives.


Our friend Hippocrates also said, “Walking is man’s best medicine.” Walking is seriously underrated, especially in the age of fad diets and fad workouts. You don’t need fancy equipment, just a good pair of shoes and your own two feet. If you’re unsure how long to walk for, start slow: Take a walk around the block, or in your neighborhood. Assess how you’re feeling and gradually add more distance or speed to your course. Doing this several times a week will begin to build your stamina and strengthen your body, especially if you have a job that requires a lot of sitting. Try not to think of it as a chore: Bring some music or an audio book, or bring a friend or family member to chat as you walk. You can also use this time to focus on yourself, reflect on your day, and relax.


Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 2.33.08 PMYoga

Hippocrates didn’t say anything about yoga, but yoga is a fantastic way to build strength, balance and posture. For those who have never taken a class before, plenty of yoga studios and gyms offer beginner or intro classes, sometimes at a discount for newbies. If you feel particularly inflexible, some studios even offer “gentle yoga” as a class. If you have any concerns or previous injuries, be sure to tell the instructor: It’s their job to make sure you aren’t hurting yourself as you complete each yoga pose. There are also plenty of DVDs and workout videos for all levels of yogis; some you can even be streamed online.


Join a Gym or a Class

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 2.33.21 PM If you feel you’re comfortable and ready to make the leap towards a more intense work out, consider joining a gym or a studio that offers classes. A gym will provide you with equipment options you probably won’t find at home, and classes are a great motivator as well as being fun. Classes are sometimes specified for beginners or more advanced students, or the instructor can help scale workouts depending on what you feel is best for you. Everyone is different and has different levels of fitness! There is no “silver bullet” to a healthy lifestyle, but small steps can get you started on the right path. You don’t need to be a triathlete to be healthy–just get moving! You can also discuss exercise options with your doctor.

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Vote GoHealth for “Breakthrough Digital Company of the Year”

GoHealth is a finalist for “Breakthrough Digital Company of the Year” for the 2014 Built in Chicago Moxie Awards. The Moxie Awards recognize Chicago’s most innovative digital companies and entrepreneurs. GoHealth was selected from more than 7,000 nominations and is one of five finalists in its category.

GH Logo

A combination of public and judges votes will determine the winner, so GoHealth needs your votes! You can vote everyday from now until June 10, 2014. To cast your vote, please follow the link:

Winners will be announced at an awards ceremony on June 19th, 2014 at Park West in Chicago.  GoHealth appreciates your support and is honored to be recognized among the tech community.

Why Vote GoHealth?

GoHealth leveraged its industry expertise and world-class technology to evolve with health care reform and solidify its place as a leader in the health insurance industry. In the past year, GoHealth has strategically formed agreements with the federal government to offer Marketplace health plans under the Affordable Care Act, becoming the first private exchange in the country to enroll Americans in federally-subsidized health coverage.

GoHealth is now one of the nation’s largest private exchanges, enrolling Americans through its proprietary technology and over the phone with a licensed benefit advisor. In addition, GoHealth has partnered with major national retailers to help people all across the U.S. enroll in now-mandated individual health insurance.


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GoHealth Hosts AngularJS Meetup in Chicago (Part two)

This video is from GoHealth’s sold-out Meetup  event on April 30, 2014. Thanks to all the developers who joined us!

Part Two: Angular Animation


Click here to watch Part One: The Challenges Faced By a Team New to AngularJS



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GoHealth Hosts AngularJS Meetup in Chicago (Part one)

This video is from GoHealth’s sold-out Meetup  event on April 30, 2014. Thanks to all the developers who joined us!

Part One: The Challenges Face by a Team New to AngularJS

Click here to watch Part Two: Angular Animation


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National Women’s Checkup Day

Women, this is your reminder to take an active role in your health. If it’s been a while since you’ve had a well-woman visit, schedule one today. You’ll be taking part in a national effort to make your health a priority.

May 12th is National Women’s Checkup Day and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on Women’s Health coordinates it.  National Women’s Checkup day comes during Women’s Health Week, an ideal chance for women to take control of their health.

It’s recommended that you scSmiling-Woman-in-Redhedule a well-woman visit with your health care provider every year in order to:

  • Document and discuss your health habits and family history
  • Stay up to date with vaccinations
  • Set health goals with your physician
  • Conduct screenings for conditions like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, mental health illness, sexually transmitted infections and more

Why Are Checkups Important?

There are a number of benefits to regular checkups.  With tests such as mammograms and pap tests, professionals can detect diseases early on, often making them easier to treat. With routine care, women can also lower their risks of several health conditions like heart disease.

Under the Affordable Care Act, women can now receive preventive screenings without a deductible or copay. There are numerous covered health screenings for women including screenings for:

  • Cancer
  • Blood pressure
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • HIV
  • Osteoporosis

Make an Appointment

To get involved in the nationwide effort, women should contact their health care professionals to schedule a checkup. Well-woman visits can save lives by detecting signs of trouble early and encouraging healthy habits, so tell the women in your life to make an appointment today.


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GoHealth participates in the National Health Insurance Exchange Summit

Experts in our country’s health system are gathering to take the pulse of health care reform this week. The National Health Insurance Exchange Summit in Washington DC will draw government leaders, health care providers, advocacy groups and pioneers in the health insurance industry to discuss what’s working and what isn’t regarding health insurance exchanges.improving mental health care

GoHealth’s Chief Technology Officer Shane Cruz will participate on a panel titled “Web Broker Entities and Private Exchange Serving the Individual Market.” Under Cruz’s leadership, GoHealth became the first Web Broker Entity to enroll consumers in subsidized health insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Cruz will join other business leaders who have played a role in helping Americans obtain quality health insurance under the ACA, including Mark Ciaramitario of H&R Block. Given the tax implications of the ACA, GoHealth partnered with H&R Block enabling consumers to enroll in health insurance when they file their taxes. Members of the panel will discuss the lessons learned during open enrollment, share experiences and discuss the role of private health insurance exchanges in the marketplace.

The National Health Insurance Exchange Summit takes place May 14-16. Cruz is scheduled to participate in the panel on May 15 at 4:15 pm EST. For more information visit: 

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Getting the Most out of Your Health Insurance Plan

Congratulations, you’re covered! What now? Well, it’s time to take advantage of all that your health plan has to offer.  After all, you are paying for it and there may be hidden perks. Keep reading to find out how to save money, improve your health, and maximize your coverage.

Utilize Preventive Services
These days, health insurance plans offer preventive health services at no extra cost. Smoking cessation, vaccinations, and weight management may all be included in your plan. You can take advantage of these services to prevent future illnesses.

Schedule Your Annual Checkup and Ask Questions
HealthCare stamp STOCK
If you haven’t done so already, you should select a general practitioner (your “everything” doctor) who you can visit at least once a year for a routine physical. These annual checkups are aimed at ensuring that your health is in good shape and catching any signs of trouble early.

Before your visit, make a list of any questions, concerns, or any changes in your body that you might have noticed leading up to the appointment. From head to toe, no matter how small your question might seem, this is your chance to ask a medical professional about it. Want a mole looked at? Think you might have allergies in the springtime? Any itch, bump or spot can be looked at, and you should feel comfortable bringing it up with your doctor. It’s their job, so take advantage! If your doc can’t answer your questions, they can refer you to a doctor that will.

Reap the Benefits of Fitness and Wellness Discounts
It’s no secret exercise and a healthy diet is key to wellness. Insurance carriers have a vested interest in you staying well, so they’re willing to incentivize you to make health choices. Some insurance carriers offer discounts for things that can help improve your health, like gym memberships, fitness trackers or healthy meal packages. Find out from your insurer if discounts are available and take a proactive approach to your health.

Know Your Network
Whether you’re on a new insurance plan or the same one as last year, you’ll want to take a look at your coverage and understand the difference between “in-network” and “out-of-network.” It’s important to do this before receiving care or you could end up with a shockingly hefty medical bill.

If you receive care with doctors that are in-network then you’ll probably pay less money than for doctors that are out-of-network. Insurance companies negotiate deals with doctors and providers to create a network of physicians, so you pay less for a care within the network of your insurance plan. Many insurance websites have a search feature so you can see which doctors are in-network. If not, call your insurance carrier to find out.

With all the hype around health insurance these days, the ironic part is that you hope you rarely have to use it. However, with recent health care reform and built-in benefits, it’s a smart idea to use these tips to maximize the health plan you pay for every month.





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