Am I Obligated To Buy If I Apply for a Plan or Get a Quote?

You are not obligated to buy the plan if you get a quote or apply for coverage. If you start an application, you can cancel it at anytime. Most insurance companies won’t charge you anything until you are approved for coverage. If they do, you will get a full refund if you cancel.

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Once your application is approved, you have 10 days to change your mind. You can cancel at any time during this period for a refund.

The only thing to watch out for is an application fee. If you cancel, application fees are not refundable. You’ll be notified if there’s an application fee.

When you get instant quotes or compare plans online, there’s absolutely no obligation to buy anything. And your quotes are completely free of charge — with no hidden or extra costs. Go Health Insurance will never ask you for a credit card or bank account number.

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