Can I Get Insurance If I Smoke?

You can get health insurance if you smoke… but you can also expect to pay more for coverage.

Why? Smoking is a health risk. Even occasional smokers are damaging their health. So naturally, health insurance companies aren’t going to quote them the “preferred rates.”

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That means that price-conscious smokers have to look a little harder to find affordable health coverage. But it can be done. Your best bet is to connect with live agents for some one-on-one advice.

And in case you needed another reason to quit smoking: most health insurance companies will offer lower rates to anyone who has been smoke free for at least one year.

Even if you smoke, it’s still smart to explore all your options. View plans online with our Instant Quote tool, or use our Plan Finder to see plans that are compatible with your budget. You can also speak with an agent directly, or compare multiple competitive quotes from leading health insurance companies.

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