What Should I Do If I’ve Been Turned Down For Health Insurance?

In most states, there’s no guarantee you’ll be accepted to get health insurance coverage. If you don’t meet a plan’s “underwriting criteria” — usually meaning you have serious pre-existing health conditions — your insurance application will be turned down.

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If you have been turned down for coverage, you aren’t out of options. Here are two:

Look to your state’s high-risk pool. Run by state governments, these “risk pools” cover people who cannot get health insurance through private companies. Not every state has a risk pool, but many do. The biggest drawback to risk pools? They're usually “self-funded” — which means they can cost a lot of money to join.

Enroll in a discount medical program. Discount medical programs are a low-cost way to save on health care, and most will accept you regardless of your health status. It’s important to remember that these programs are not insurance plans. They offer a discount on services, but they won’t put a limit on your out-of-pocket expenses the way an insurance plan would. You can join one of these discount programs to save money doctor and hospital bills, dental care, and prescription drugs.

If you haven’t been turned down for coverage, but are worried that you might be, talk with an agent. A professional insurance agent can usually tell you if you’ll meet the underwriting criteria for an insurance plan before you apply.

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