Short Term Health Insurance

Short term health insurance is designed to provide comprehensive insurance coverage for a temporary period of time. Typically, short term health insurance provides coverage between one month and a year. Some health insurance companies offer short-term coverage for longer periods.

So who might need temporary coverage?

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Say you're a recent college graduate. Most insurance companies won't allow you to keep coverage with a parent's plan once you're out of school. A short-term plan can keep you covered until you find a job that comes with benefits.

Short-term coverage is also a good fit for anyone changing careers. When you lose the health benefits provided by your old job, you could extend your coverage with COBRA… but it's expensive. Temporary plans are a much more affordable option.

Short-term insurance is perfect whenever you might be in-between permanent plans.

The Low Costs of Short Term Health Insurance

Health insurance companies set rates based on risk. So if you're at risk of needing expensive care, your monthly premiums will be higher.

But with temporary coverage, it's unlikely that a policyholder will get sick during the short lifespan of the plan. Because of this low risk, short term health insurance has very low rates.

That includes lower premiums, lower copayments and coinsurance, and more flexible deductibles.

What Kind of Coverage Does Short Term Health Insurance Provide?

Most short term health insurance is PPOs or FFS indemnity plans.

What's the difference between a PPO and a FFS plan?

  • A short-term PPO plan is a kind of managed care. It offers access to a network of health care providers — including thousands of doctors, hospitals, clinics, and specialists. You'll also have coverage with out-of-network doctors, but you'll save the most in-network.
  • A temporary FFS plan provides coverage by medical service rather than by provider. As long as your FFS plan covers the service you need, then you can get care from any provider. FFS plans tend to be more expensive than managed care plans, though.

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