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Health Insurance Subsidy Calculator

Premium Assistance Under the Affordable Care Act

Why use this tool?

This calculator provides the most accurate information available online regarding how much certain qualified persons may expect to pay in health insurance premiums and the level of government assistance that may be available to them for purchasing coverage through a public health exchange.

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individual mandate

Soon, most Americans will be required to have health insurance by law or face a penalty.

You may be eligible
for a tax subsidy

Based on the information you provide, this tool calculates the estimated tax subsidy you will quality for in 2014, along with the premium you can expect to pay.

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The premium and subsidy amounts displayed are estimates only and the actual amounts of subsidy eligibility may differ. This subsidy calculator is not intended to be relied upon for legal or tax advice.


Note: In general, full-time employees with employer coverage available that meets specified requirements are not eligible for premium subsidies, unless the employee would have to pay more than 9.5% of income for the employer-provided coverage.






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