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Anthem BlueCross Health Insurance: Information, Health Plans & Insurance Quotes

Anthem BlueCross has been providing health insurance solutions for 70 years. Their diverse health plan portfolio allows their members access to the customized care they need.

They provide health insurance plans for individuals and families, seniors, and businesses both large and small.

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Why Choose Anthem BlueCross?

As one of the largest health insurance providers in California, Blue Cross offers their members care from one of the biggest health professional networks. Anthem BlueCross’s network includes more than 68,000 physicians and over 400 hospitals.

With their extensive network, it’s easy to find a convenient care provider.

Blue Cross is committed to improving their members’ health and lives through customized coverage and affordable rates.

Anthem BlueCross’s History

In 1929, Justin Ford Kimball developed a health plan providing teachers 21 days of hospital care for 50 cents a month. This was one of the first attempts at providing health insurance that almost anyone could afford.

Kimball’s model reached California in 1936 when the Associated Hospital Service of Southern California and the Alameda County Medical Association began to offer affordable access to hospital care.

In 1939, the Blue Cross symbol was adopted because of its national recognition for meeting high-quality coverage standards. By the 1980’s, there were 2 Blue Cross companies representing both Northern and Southern California.

The 2 companies merged in 1982 and became Anthem BlueCross. Today, their headquarters is in Woodland Hills.

Community Involvement

Anthem BlueCross is committed to improving life for their members and their community. They’re actively involved in many community activities and efforts all around the state.

Just a few examples include the Festival of Health & Fitness, the Spirit Run for Newport Beach Elementary Schools, and Run to the Far Side for the California Academy of Sciences.

The Anthem BlueCross Foundation was created in 2002 and provides grants for organizations with the vision of improving healthcare in California. In 2005 alone, the Foundation gave more than $30 million in grant money to over 400 organizations.

Anthem BlueCross has also created NuestroBien for the Latino community. NuestroBien is designed to educate people on healthy living and family care for Spanish-speaking residents.

Health Insurance Options From Anthem BlueCross

Anthem BlueCross provides health insurance solutions including HMO, PPO, and Health Savings Account plans. Whether you’re looking for an individual plan or a group plan, you can find affordable options with Anthem BlueCross.

They also provide dental care, prescription drug coverage, and life and disability insurance. Talk to a Anthem BlueCross representative to find out more about these additional benefits.

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