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Avalon Healthcare: Information, Health Plans & Insurance Quotes

Avalon is focused on the future of Florida’s health care. They offer consumer-directed insurance plans to give residents more control over their health care and more affordable coverage.

Avalon’s offers both group health insurance plans and individual coverage options.

They also offer other kinds of insurance including dental and vision plans, critical illness coverage, cancer and dread disease plans, long-term care, disability, and life insurance.

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Choosing Avalon

Avalon provides access to one of the largest care networks in the state of Florida. Their extensive network includes doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and dentists in every county. Their headquarters is in Tampa, Florida.

Avalon’s consumer-directed approach to health insurance offers members more control of their health care with high-deductible health plans and Health Savings Accounts. HSAs are bank accounts where members can save money tax-free just for health care expenses.

High deductible PPO plans feature low monthly premiums and catastrophic coverage. For minor medical costs, members can use their Health Savings Account (HSA) funds. There are no referrals or approvals needed to use the funds in an HSA – members are free to direct their money for any health care cost they choose.

The Avalon CareSupport Program

With a health insurance plan from Avalon, members take responsibility of many of their health care decisions.

The Avalon CareSupport Program provides members information about local doctors and care facilities, along with the rates they charge for medical services. This program helps policyholders manage their health care, make educated decisions, and save money.

Finding high-quality care is another focus of the CareSupport Program. They conduct thousands of medical care reviews to show members where they can find the highest quality of care.

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