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Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Louisiana Health Insurance: Information, Health Plans & Insurance Quotes

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana’s mission is to improve the life of each one of their members. They achieve their goal by providing affordable access to high-quality care and expert guidance, helping Louisiana residents live healthier.

Their diverse portfolio of health insurance solutions includes plans for individuals, families, seniors, businesses, and college graduates. They also offer Health Savings Account plans to save tax-free money for healthcare costs.

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Why Choose Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Louisiana?

BCBS of Louisiana offers a wide range of health plans with a statewide network of doctors, hospitals, specialists, and clinics.

They operate under a core set of values to ensure efficient, prompt, and excellent customer service. Their core values include:

  • Collaboration through working together.
  • Excellence in all aspects of health and life.
  • Integrity through ethical business.
  • Respect for every member in the community.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Louisiana’s History

Like many of the Blues around the country, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana started out as several smaller companies. In the beginning, there were 4 separate companies that would eventually form BCBS of Louisiana.

The first was a non-profit mutual insurance company called the Hospital Service Association of New Orleans. Founded in 1934, they would later become Blue Cross of Greater Louisiana.

During the same year another mutual company, the Mutual Hospital Service of Shreveport, was created. In 1938 the remaining 2 companies were founded – the Hospital Service of Alexandria and the Hospital Service of Baton Rouge.

In 1948, the hospital services from Shreveport, Alexandria, and Baton Rouge combined to create the Louisiana Hospital Service.

The Louisiana Hospital Service and Blue Cross of Greater Louisiana merged in 1975. Today, they’re known as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana. Their corporate headquarters is in Baton Rouge.

BCBS Of Louisiana’s Business

With over 6 decades of experience in the industry, BCBS of Louisiana has been recognized for the strength of their business by Standard and Poor’s, one of the most renowned rating companies.

Standard and Poor’s has assigned BCBS of Louisiana 10 consecutive “A” ratings for strong operating performance, strong competitive position, and strong capitalization.

Their health plans also hold 5 accreditations for their HMO and PPO plans from URAC, a national organization that establishes quality standards in the healthcare industry.

The Giving Foundation

The BCBS of Louisiana Foundation helps improve communities through charitable donations and contributions.

Qualified organizations may apply to receive grants from the Foundation for programs including:

  • Health or education programs for school children and college students
  • Training of medical professionals
  • Improving public health
  • Reducing the number of uninsured Americans
  • Medical research to help cure disease

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