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Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Michigan Health Insurance: Information, Health Plans & Insurance Quotes

For almost 70 years, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has been providing residents affordable access to high-quality healthcare. And as a non-profit organization, BCBS of Michigan is one of the few insurance companies in the U.S. that accepts every person, regardless of health history.

BCBS is one of the largest insurance providers in Michigan with millions of members statewide. Their health plans include coverage for individuals, families, seniors, and businesses.

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Choosing Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Michigan

BCBS of Michigan accepts everyone who applies and they never drop coverage for health reasons. This bold approach to health insurance allows more people to find and keep their health protection.

Michigan’s Blue Care Network gives members access to almost anywhere in the country. If members live or travel out of state for part of the year, the BlueCard provides coverage with virtually any Blue Cross doctor or hospital nationwide.

BCBS Of Michigan In The Community

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan does extensive work in the community with efforts such as their free clinic program.

The program includes 32 free care clinics spread around the state for those who are uninsured and underinsured. The clinics provide preventive and primary care, urgent care, dental and vision care, and counseling for mental health conditions.

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They also support many other programs aimed at helping children and seniors with employee volunteering and corporate contributions.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Michigan Foundation

The BCBS of Michigan Foundation focuses on improving healthcare through research, evaluation, and development of social health initiatives.

Their goal is to help reduce costs of healthcare and increase accessibility to medical treatment.

Every year, the Foundation provides roughly $2.75 million in grant money to support research and non-profit organizations dedicated to improving healthcare.

BCBS Of Michigan’s History

BCBS of Michigan’s history starts with a company called the Michigan Society for Group Hospitalization, founded in 1938. They provided 21 days of hospital care, just like the plans developed by healthcare pioneer and Blue Cross founder Justin Ford Kimball.

As the Society spread across the state and into most of Michigan’s businesses, they adopted the Blue Cross symbol with the seal of the American Hospital Association imbedded in the cross.

An independent Blue Shield company was also founded, and would eventually be responsible for Medicare products.

In 1975, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies combined to form what is now Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. Their headquarters is in Detroit.

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