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Consumers Life Insurance Company: Information, Health Plans & Insurance Quotes

Even though Consumers Life Insurance Company may sound like a life insurance company, they actually focus on health insurance.

Consumers Life specializes in health insurance plans for an individuals, families, and businesses. Their health plans offer flexible options to fit a wide variety of needs.

Their broader portfolio includes consumer-driven health plans, vision and dental care, prescription drug coverage, and life insurance.

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About Consumers Life

Consumers Life Insurance Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Medical Mutual of Ohio. And both are part of the larger group of Medical Mutual companies. All together the Medical Mutual family serves millions of members across North America.

Consumers Life provides members with care from an extensive network in your area and across the country. The network consists of thousands of health professionals to choose for high-quality care.

Consumers Life offers their plans in 7 U.S. states.

Consumers Life is a growing company, and they intend to expand into other states in the near future.

Health Management

Consumers Life has developed the SuperWell Health Management Programs to provide education and support for pregnant mothers and those with chronic health conditions. All Consumers Life members are eligible to enroll.

The SuperWell programs include:

  • BabyLink for pregnant women.
  • Balanced Outlook for those suffering from depression.
  • Breathe Easy for people with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
  • Diabetes Advantage.
  • Heart Sensefor members diagnosed with heart failure or coronary artery disease.
  • Pain Solutions for those with chronic pain.

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