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Medical Mutual Of Ohio Health Insurance: Information, Health Plans & Insurance Quotes

Medical Mutual of Ohio has more than 7 decades of experience in the health insurance industry. Today, they have over 1.5 million members. Their preferred network includes nearly 32,000 physicians and almost 600 hospitals around the country.

Medical Mutual of Ohio offers health insurance options for individuals and group plans for small and large businesses.

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Why Choose Medical Mutual Of Ohio?

Medical Mutual is based in Cleveland. They’re Ohio’s largest and oldest health insurance company. They were founded in 1934, and have built a reputation as a trusted name in health protection.

They also have a history of superior customer service. Every business day, Medical Mutual receives around 12,435 calls. On average, 98.8% of those calls are connected with helpful representatives. And customers only wait about 16.6 seconds to talk to customer service personnel.

Medical Mutual of Ohio gets a lot of customer service inquires and they’re in the business of resolving them. 94% of all questions and concerns that don’t involve in-depth research are resolved in 2 business days.

It only takes Medical Mutual an average of 4.7 days to process a claim.

The Medical Mutual Family Of Companies

Medical Mutual of Ohio is just one health insurance provider in a family of Medical Mutual companies. The other companies are:

  • Medical Mutual Services
  • Consumers Life Insurance Company
  • Business Distribution Solutions
  • Antares Management Solutions
  • 1st Medical Network
  • GeniSys Management Solutions

Health Management

Medical Mutual of Ohio has developed several health management programs designed specifically to help expecting mothers and members with chronic health conditions.

These SuperWell Health Management programs are useful tools for in-depth education and needed support.

The SuperWell programs are: BabyLink for pregnant women, Balanced Outlook for those with depression, Breathe Easy to help manage asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Pain Solutions for members with chronic pain, Heart Sense for members diagnosed with coronary heart disease, and Diabetes Advantage.

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