North Dakota Health Insurance

North Dakota residents who are looking for a suitable health insurance plan for themselves or their family will be glad to know there are plenty of options to choose from and numerous insurance companies that sell them. The plans are designed to meet the specific financial and health care needs of a wide range of people.

You’ll find a lot of useful information here in your quest for a suitable health plan. You’ll learn about the various insurance rules, regulations, and laws that are in place in North Dakota and how they may pertain to you. You’ll also find information on the state’s most popular insurance providers. Find answers to questions regarding the various public health insurance programs offered in the state as well as any financial assistance that is to be had.

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If you’re not currently a North Dakota resident you’ll be able to search for health insurance by state.

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The following list of companies offer North Dakota health insurance plans:

Assurant Health Health Insurance

Assurant Health, headquartered in Milwaukee, has been offering quality insurance products and coverage to over 1 million members since 1982. Assurant is committed to providing health insurance plans that have broad coverage while providing valuable protection.

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Companion Life Insurance Company Health Insurance

Companion Life Insurance Company specializes in employee benefit plans in 45 states and the District of Columbia. They have been providing these services and coverage for the last 35 years, becoming a single source for affordable life, disability, accident, dental, vision, and other specialty insurance programs.

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John Alden Health Insurance

John Alden Life Insurance has been selling health coverage throughout America since 1961. Today, they are part of Assurant. John Alden plans include individual health and small group coverage. They also sell Health Savings Account plans.

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Medica Health Insurance

Medica is a top-rated health plan, providing coverage to 1.6 million members with a network consisting of 27,000 providers at upwards of 4,000 hospitals, clinics, and offices.

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Time Insurance Health Insurance

Today, Time Insurance is known as Assurant Health with insurance coverage for individuals, students, families, seniors, and businesses.

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Time Short Term Health Insurance

Today, Time Short Term health insurance is offered through the Assurant name. Time short term health plans provide comprehensive coverage for a temporary period of time at affordable rates.

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WorldIns ExpressMed Health Insurance

World Insurance offers several types of individual health insurance ranging from dental coverage to comprehensive major medical plans.

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