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Regence Blue Shield of Idaho Health Insurance: Information, Health Plans & Insurance Quotes

Regence Blue Shield of Idaho has been in business for over 90 years, with its roots being traced back to 1917. The non-profit Regence Blue Shield now has over 2.5 million members.

Regence Blue Shield is the largest health insurance company throughout the Northwest area with offices in Idaho, Oregon, Utah and Washington. Every plan offered is independently licensed by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

Regence members can rely on trusted advisors to provide them with reliable and expert advice and to help them understand the health care system.

Choosing Regence Blue Shield of Idaho

Regence Blue Shield of Idaho allows its members to access medical care across America and throughout the world. Regence offers members the chance to participate in and manage their health care.

Members of Regence may also be offered discounted services and products from some of the top health-related businesses in your region. These free discounts can include prescription medications, vision and hearing care services, weight loss programs, gym memberships, child health and safety products, and dental care products.

Also, Regence of Blue Shield of Idaho will compare medical and procedure costs to help consumers get the most out of their health care dollar.

RegenceRx And Regence BlueCard

RegenceRx program offers various services to inform and aid members and providers when it comes to making educated and cost-conscious choices regarding prescription drugs.

Members are able to access a network of over 55,000 pharmacies across America, which include mail-order and call center support.

Members of the Regence BlueCard Program will be able to get health care when needed from the largest network of physicians in America and worldwide. The company’s Blue National Doctor and Hospital Finder is designed to help members choose a health care provider by their location, their board certification, and Quality Based Recognition.

Consumers can easily arrange an appointment and members don’t have to submit claims forms when visiting participating BlueCard doctors in the United States.

Regence Blue Shield of Idaho In The Community

Regence also likes to give back to local communities and offer both volunteer and financial support to them. The company tries to help improve the quality of life in local areas with the Regence Foundation.

The Regence Foundation started in 2007 as a philanthropic vehicle to contribute to the states of Idaho, Utah, Washington, and Oregon. Regence also supports various community partner organizations throughout those states.

Regence Blue Shield of Idaho Options

Regence Blue Shield of Idaho offers a variety of affordable health insurance options including: individual and group health insurance, vision, dental, life insurance, pharmacy benefit management and Medicare.

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