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Rocky Mountain Health Plans Health Insurance: Information, Health Plans & Insurance Quotes

Rocky Mountain Health Plans (RMHP) is a well-known non-profit and independent health care benefits company that has been assisting Colorado residents in their medical needs for over 35 years now. The company, which launched in 1974, is committed to improving the lives of its members as well as the local communities.

Rocky Mountain Health Plans presently fulfills the needs of about 180,000 members and close to 190,000 non-members through RMHP charitable contributions and its foundation.

Rocky Mountain Health Plans has one of the biggest and most diverse networks in Colorado with close to 12,000 medical care professionals and over 100 hospitals in its network.

Choosing Rocky Mountain Health Plans

Individual and family health insurance plans are made to suit customer’s lifestyles and medical coverage needs. All plans provide preventative care and comprehensive benefits covered in full.

The Rocky Mountain Health Plans provide a wide variety of health benefits, such as prescription drug coverage options, outpatient and inpatient hospital care, tobacco-cessation programs, coverage for dependents up to age 26, mental health care providers and services, a nationwide network for travelers, and no lifetime maximum benefits.

Rocky Mountain Health Plans Foundation

The Rocky Mountain Health Plans Foundation was launched in 1997 as a way to help supply quality medical care to the citizens of Colorado, including those who aren’t members of the plan.

The foundation is designed to bring collaborative partners together whenever health care needs are identified. These partners then work closely together to find a workable solution to any problems. The foundation locates the funding through its grant opportunities.

The company also reinvests from 8 to 10 percent of its yearly revenues into other programs, services, and organizations that are also dedicated to improving the well being and health of Americans of all backgrounds and ages.

Rocky Mountain Health Plans Today

Rocky Mountain Health Plans aim to improve the quality of life for members and local communities with excellent care and service. The company is committed to providing high-quality physician and health provider care.

The RMHP also keeps up with changing conditions and trends in the health care market by introducing new services and products when they become available.

Options From Rocky Mountain Health Plans

The company offers numerous types of affordable health insurance plans along with excellent services to citizens of all ages and all sizes of businesses.

Rocky Mountain Health Plans offers an extensive line of health insurance products including: Medicare, Medicaid, the Child Health Plan Plus program, individual and family plans, health savings accounts (HSAs), dental plans and group plans.

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