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Time Short Term Health Insurance from Assurant: Information, Health Plans & Insurance Quotes

Assurant has company roots in the insurance industry dating back as far as 1892. Now, they have over 1 million members across the country.

Health insurance is Assurant’s focus. They provide a range of health plans and short term health plans to provide coverage when people need it most.

Short term health plans are a great way to get affordable health care protection while people are waiting for a health insurance policy to become effective. Coverage starts the day after acceptance and does not require consumers to change provider networks.

Choosing Assurant

Choosing an Time and Assurant short term health plan protects consumers from unexpected illnesses and accidents. No one should go without coverage and short term health plans are a great way to keep affordable coverage.

A short term medical insurance policy works for people who are between jobs, seeking less expensive alternatives to COBRA, waiting for employer benefits or do not receive employer benefits. With Assurant short term medical insurance, consumers keep their own doctors and can pick their own hospitals.

Assurant and Time short term health insurance plans give individuals and families the peace of mind to know they are covered for the period of time they are not covered.

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Assurant’s History

Assurant Health Insurance Company was founded in 2004, but has roots dating back to the 1880s.

There are four other insurance companies in the Assurant family — Fortis, the John Alden Life Insurance Company, the Union Security Insurance Company, and Time Insurance Company.

Time Insurance Company is the Assurant member that has been an industry leader since the late 1800s. Back then, Time was known as La Cross Mutual Aid Association, and they were based in La Cross, Wisconsin. Their first policy was written in 1892 for disability insurance, referred back then as “sickness and accident” insurance.

Assurant Today

Assurant today has a well-rounded family of insurance companies, providing a wide array of health and life insurance plans. They also provide extra benefits such as international health insurance, prescription drug coverage, and dental and vision plans.

Assurant also has specialized insurance for businesses such as banks, funeral homes, and car dealerships. And their Specialty Property company provides homeowners insurance. Their corporate headquarters is now in New York, New York.

Assurant’s Community Involvement

Assurant works closely with many community programs, by participating and sponsoring events and making donations for important causes. Assurant employees also donate their time volunteering. They want to be involved in fighting disease, preventing hunger, helping the homeless, and educating and protecting children.

Assurant companies also participate in United Way activities, helping the many great initiatives they organize.

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