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There are numerous health insurance plans to select from if you live in the state of Washington and there are just as many insurance providers to do business with. These companies will try to match you up with a plan that suits your health care requirements.

You’ll be able to locate all of the helpful information you need here when looking for a suitable Washington health insurance policy. You’ll be able to view some of the top insurance companies in the state as well as read up on the important rules, regulations and insurance laws that you should be aware of when looking for a plan. If you’re interested in public health insurance programs in Washington or financial assistance, you’ll also be able to find that information here.

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The following list of companies offer Washington health insurance plans:

Assurant Health Health Insurance

Assurant Health, headquartered in Milwaukee, has been offering quality insurance products and coverage to over 1 million members since 1982. Assurant is committed to providing health insurance plans that have broad coverage while providing valuable protection.

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Asuris Northwest Health Health Insurance

Asuris Northwest Health is a subsidiary of Regence BlueShield, offering reliable local health insurance coverage to employers and individuals in Eastern Washington for the last 60 years. They currently serve 60,000 members and provide access to more than 20,000 health care providers.

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Group Health Health Insurance

Group Health and its subsidiaries, Group Health Options, Inc. and KPS Health Plans, provide service to nearly 585,000 members in Washington and Idaho.

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KPS Health Plans Health Insurance

KPS Health Plans offers health insurance to individuals, families, groups, federal employees, school districts, and seniors. KPS aims to provide high quality and affordable coverage to support the health and financial security of its members by providing over 47,000 health care providers.

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LifeWise Health Plan of Washington Health Insurance

LifeWise provides health care coverage to more than 1.5 million members through Oregon, Washington, and Alaska with over 9,000 hospitals, physicians, and health care providers.

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Time Short Term Health Insurance

Today, Time Short Term health insurance is offered through the Assurant name. Time short term health plans provide comprehensive coverage for a temporary period of time at affordable rates.

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