The GoHealth Advertising Network

The GoHealth Advertising Network offers several advertising options to reach millions of consumers at various points in the shopping process every month.


Sponsored Quote Engine Placement

Hundreds of thousands of targeted consumers request and view online quotes through the GoHealth Quote Engine. Premium advertisements can place your brand and health plans on top of the instant quotes list, ensuring more brand reach and increased traffic to your plans.


Advertising Directory

The advertising directory serves as a listings page which can direct traffic to your desired landing page or home page. Target your listings by zip code, state, and other demographic information.


Display Advertising

Create awareness of a product, service, or offering with banner advertising targeted to users interested in health insurance. Target by carrier, state, and other criteria to maximize the best performance.


Email Products

Through millions of consumer emails each month, advertise to qualified shoppers with exclusive targeted emails, banner advertising on newsletters, consumer feedback forms, and other email messages.

Sponsored Links (Coming Soon!)

Text links located on the right hand rail of our insurance search results goes beyond reaching users soley by keyword. Target text link ads by state, age, and many more criteria!