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A Friday Consumer Poll: Americans Like Their Health Insurance Coverage, But Think Costs Are Too High

pie chartIn a recent CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll, results founds that Americans are happy with their current health insurance coverage.

Americans are please with the quality of the health care they receive and overall happy with their coverage, reported CNN.

The poll found a whopping 8 in 10 people are satisfied with the quality of health care and health insurance in this country.

But when asked about the costs of these services, satisfaction drops significantly.

Over 75 percent of Americans are “dissatisfied ” with overall health care costs in the U.S. and only 52 percent are happy with health insurance rates.

“[The poll results] suggests a prescription for health care reform that Americans can swallow — start by addressing health care costs while allowing Americans to keep their current coverage and their current health care providers, ” said CNN polling director, Keating Holland.

Really, this poll isn’t too shocking — back during the 2008 election President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton advocated the idea of letting Americans keep the coverage they have if they like it.

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