Our work environment is just as important as the work itself.

We’re working for something greater.

Company culture at GoHealthAs a company, we strive to help individuals and families obtain affordable health insurance coverage. Our next goal is to take it even further: we want to revolutionize the industry. In order to do that, we’ll need the most talented, passionate employees with us every step of the way.

We promote work-life balance.

At GoHealth, it’s our employees’ impact on our business that matters the most. We encourage our employees to take time off so that they come back to the office refreshed and ready to contribute.

We have a casual dress code.

Although there are always a few exceptions, the GoHealth office is filled with casual attire. We believe that employees do their best work when they’re the most comfortable, so we keep the dress code flexible.

We’re a serious business.

We’ve grown exponentially over the past few years. GoHealth employees – whether they’ve been here for four years or four months – are all passionate about what they do and are dedicated to changing the health insurance industry.

We emphasize career growth.

A growing business also means growing careers. We don’t anticipate slowing down any time soon, which provides our employees with tons of opportunity for growth and promotion.

We work hard and play hard.

After a day at work, we love to see our employees enjoying each other’s company outside of the office. If you like happy hours, company outings, and holiday parties, then GoHealth could be the perfect place for you.