Accident Insurance

Accident insurance is a type of medical insurance that provides coverage for costs incurred by accidental injuries. Policyholders receive cash benefits after accidental injuries occur to pay for medical services or use the money how they want to.

Accident insurance provides additional coverage that is typically missing from health and auto insurance policies.

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What Does Accident Insurance Covers

Accident insurance provides benefits when an accidental injury occurs. These benefits can include accidental death and dismemberment benefits, emergency room, hospital benefits for accidental injuries and disability benefits resulting from a covered accident to broken teeth. Consumers can use their cash benefits to pay for any of these medical services.

Policyholders can also use their cash benefits to pay for bills that add up quickly after an accident. Consumers can pay their rent or make car payments and even choose to get physical therapy that may not be covered by their health insurance policy.

Some accident insurance plans will even pay for hotel rooms if the policyholder is in a hospital that is far from home.

What Accident Insurance Doesn’t Cover

There are things that aren’t covered by an accident insurance policy including any illegal activity, operating a vehicle intoxicated or under a controlled substance, suicide or self-inflicted harm, injuries from elective surgeries and cosmetic surgery and more.

Every policy may have different exclusions so it is important to read the policy and understand what benefits are or are not covered by accident insurance.

Benefits of Accident Insurance

Accident insurance policies are effective immediately and consumers do not have to face a waiting period. Also benefits from accident insurance are paid directly to the policyholder who determines how to use the benefits.

Accident Insurance Choices

Consumers should talk to a licensed agent about their accident insurance choices and compare plans to see what policy best fits their needs and budget.