Health Insurance Quick Answers

About Health Insurance

Do I need health insurance?
What is a premium?
What is a deductible?
What is a copayment?
What is coinsurance?
What is an out-of-pocket maximum?
What is a lifetime maximum?
What is a PPO plan?
What is an HMO plan?
What is an HSA?
What is an HDHP?
What is a POS plan?
What is an FFS plan?
What is short-term health insurance?
What is catastrophic coverage?
How will I know what my health plan covers?
When will my coverage start?
What is a drug formulary?
What is the difference between individual and group health?
What is a cafeteria plan?

Senior Health Insurance

What is Medicare Advantage?
What is Medicare Select?
What is Medicare Part D?
What is long-term care coverage?

Managed Care

What is managed care?
What is a provider network?
What is a Primary Care Physician?

Health Insurance Extras

Can I add dental and vision benefits to my plan?

Comparing Health Plans

Do you offer health insurance in my state?
Why do health insurance prices vary from state to state?
What’s the most affordable plan available?
How can I compare health plans?
If I apply for a health plan, am I obligated to buy?
Will I have to change doctors with my new health plan?
Is there a “one-size-fits-all” health plan?
What is an insurance agent?

Special Health Insurance Needs

I need a specific medication. Will it be covered?
What should I do if I’ve been turned down for health insurance?
Can I get insurance if I have health problems?
Can I get insurance if I smoke?
How can I save money on health insurance?
What are discount medical programs?
Are Medical Discount Plans the same thing as insurance?