Prices are Fixed by Law

If you’ve searched for health insurance online before, you may have seen the phrase “Prices are fixed by law, you can’t find rates lower anywhere else.”


If you’re not really sure what the phrase means, here’s a breakdown of its definition…

  • Every state in the U.S. requires that the price/rate/premium of any health plan must remain the same regardless of where that same plan is purchased.
  • For example, the premiums for “health plan A” from “insurance company B” must be the same no matter if you purchase from GoHealth, an agent down the street or directly through insurance company B.
  • The only way premiums for “health plan A” can be increased is if the applicant has a pre-existing health condition that increases their risk of needing health care.
  • It’s illegal for a vendor to add commission or additional cost to any health plan premium.