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Why purchase through GoHealth?

Same qualified health plans — and more.

Our free service offers all the same qualified health plans that are available on the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace at the same rates. We’ll even walk you through the application for the premium tax credit and cost-sharing reduction – at no cost to you.

Not only will you have direct access to the Marketplace through GoHealth, you can even explore more coverage options that aren’t available through the federal government OR HealthCare.gov.

Also, because health insurance rates are set by law, you won’t find lower rates anywhere else.

Our promise to you

It’s our job to make sure you find the right coverage for your needs -- and we’ll never charge even a penny more for your plan.

We also don’t favor any one health insurance company. Why? We know you have your own individual needs and there isn’t one plan that works for everyone. So, we’ll go over all your options for you and help you make an informed decision.

Health insurance is one of the biggest purchase decisions you’ll make in your lifetime and we’ll make sure you get it right.

How we’re paid

Insurers pay us commissions for selling insurance plans, but it does not add any additional cost to the price of your plan. Don’t want to buy today? Just looking for information? No problem. Whether you’re ready to enroll or just exploring your options, we’re here to help, and it won’t cost you a thing.

Shop and Compare Plans online in the Marketplace

Enter a bit of basic information to calculate your estimated credit, view plans online, and enroll. If you have questions along the way we’re standing by to help you via phone and chat.

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